Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for those who are exploring their spiritual abilities and developing their Oneness with God


Until The church remains closed as the covid-19 virus continues.

On line classes have been added. Please come back often as classes will be added and updated.


MAY 2020 

Sunday Services are held   7:00 – 8:30 pm



March 1 ………. Rev. Tammy Fletcher

March 8 ………….. Sandy Whittington

March 15 ……… Rev. Diana Szydelko

 March 22 ……………. Rev. Robyn Kent

March 29 ………….. Rev. Marilyn Dion

April 5 …………………. Rev. TC Kendall

April 12 ………… Rev. Tammy Fletcher

April 19 …………… Rev. Mary Alderson

April 26 ………………. Rev. Claudia Dale






All payments MUST be received by the SUNDAY before the class/workshop starts to get the lower price.


A COURSE OF LOVE with Ron Devine; WEDNESDAYS FROM 1 – 2 PM; $free

Let’s get together to study A Course of Love (description below link up information)

If you want to participate, you an use the following link information (ie. internet browser (chrome) or smart phone). You will be asked to install a small app to enable the meeting. (Zoom and webbed do the same). You only need to do this once, then you are ready for future meetings. To hear you need speakers or earphones. To speak you need a microphone of some kind (both are built into a phone or laptop). If you don’t have a microphone, there is a chat box. It opens by clicking the balloon type icon on the top right. You can always call in, if you have free long distance service on your phone. The following notes have 2 links. Use the last one to download and then install the app for “GOTOMEETING”. Use this before the meeting, then you can quickly join the meeting when start time comes. Use the first link to join the meeting. Call 905-297-2530 if you need help.

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://www.gotomeet.me/RonDevine1

You can also dial in using your phone. Canada: +1(647)497-9373 Access Code: 990-536-413

New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts: https://global.gotomeeting.com/install/990536413

Description of workshop:

The book “A Course of Love “is directly inspired from the spirit that was Jesus. It is a personal dialogue that helps us discover more of the truth about ourselves and our relationship with God and His children, our brothers and sisters.  We will seek the guidance of the Christ in this study of “Love”. We may thus be inspired to understand and express more of Divine Love with ourselves. Our activity will include reading and discussion of “a Course of Love”. There may also be a short meditation that will help us reach to God. Each chapter can be read by itself, but there are related concepts.  Thus, attend when convenient for you.


BIBLE STUDY ON THE BOOK OF EPHESIANS with Rev. Sandy Greer; May 11-June 29 – Mondays; 1-2:30 pm; $50.00

Join us on SKYPE to study the life-changing words of Paul as he teaches us about the words of Jesus to input into our lives on a daily basis. We will be using Paul’s prayer to focus our lives in new behavioural altering ways – not because we have to in order to have a relationship with Jesus and God, but because we want to change. We will have the opportunity to share our insights and aha! moments so we can all learn and understand these scriptures as they are revealed to us by Paul.

In order to join us on Skype please forward your Skype name to gscevents@hotmail.ca or call 905-297-2530 so I can invite you to join the group on Mondays between 12:50 and 1pm.



Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and the cost is $15.00. Remember to renew your membership.

Welcome New Member(s):  


Birthday Greetings:   May:  Elma Petrie, Rev. Mary Alderson and Christina Brighton June:  Melba Blakeny




We have received an opportunity from McPhail Auto that is outlined below. Please consider calling them for your next auto repair or service appointment and help them give back to our church community.

“I have been taking my vehicles to McPhail’s for many years now and find they are honest, hard-working people who look after any situation quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Scott and his team for the great work they do.”Rev. Sandy

Please NOTE: McPhail’s has moved to 2117 King St E, Hamilton.





                WE BELIEVE IN:

  1.            The Fatherhood of God
  2.            The Brotherhood of Man
  3.            The immortality of the Soul and its personal characteristics
  4.            Communion between departed human spirits and mortals
  5.            Personal Responsibility
  6.            Compensation and retribution for all good and evil deeds done here
  7.            A path of eternal progress open to every soul.


  Head Ministers:

Rev. Tammy Fletcher, Office & Event Administrating

Associate  Ministers:

Rev. Ina Edwards

Rev. Robyn Kent, Board Treasurer and Secretary

Rev. Andrew Bray

Rev. Sandy Greer

Guiding Star Church

550 Fennell Ave E, Suite 202

Hamilton, ON  L8V 4S9

Tel: 905-297-2530


Email:  gscevents@hotmail.ca

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                 For further information on any events call: 905-297-2530 or email:  gscevents@hotmail.ca

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August 2020