Spiritual/Psychic Reading Day Info & Bio’s



Date:  November 7, 2020

Time:  12 to 4:00 pm

Location:  550 Fennell Ave, Suite 202, Hamilton, ON

Cost :  $25.00 / 20 minute reading.

We are offering this event on a pre-booked / prepaid basis only. 

We will adhere to Covid-19 restrictions by social distancing and masks as required.

We are offering a selection of diverse readers. You can choose from Spiritual Mediumship, Psychic Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Tarot Card or Rune Stone Readings.

Food and beverages will not be available for this event.

Please show up at your appointed time. 

Spaces are limited so book early. Payment options are available. There will be no refunds.

To book your reading, please email: gscevents@hotmail.ca or call: 905-297-2530




Rev. Sandy Greer has been a Medium for over twenty- five years and has shared her gifts and talents with people in Canada and the U.S. As she connects with your Spirit Loved ones and teachers you will receive the understanding and guidance you are looking for.

Elaine Hutchinson has integrated her avid interest in the healing arts, spiritual and psychic development into her Rune Readings. Introduced to the world of Spirit as a teenager, she is bringing her intuitive abilities along with her love for the Rune Stones to share this ancient oracle with you. The Rune stones tell us of the cycles in our lives, of change and growth. They can help you recognize the blocks to your growth and direct your attention towards the inner choices that can help to determine your path. 

Judy Hachey has studied Mediumship and Healing for over ten years with Rev. Sandy Greer. She works diligently with Spirit as they help her to see the colours and energy around people, to bring understanding and wisdom to all who come to her for help.

Christina Brighton has been working most of her life to bring people answers from Spirit to help them on their life journey. She uses various methods to connect with Spirit including, but not limited to, Tea Leaf readings, using the pendulum and Flower readings. Christina is also a Licensed Unity Teacher who provides wedding services.

Patricia Arnett has over thirty years experience reading for people. She sees and hears Spirit clearly as they help her connect with the energy around people. Patricia also receives ‘visions’ lasting up to 15 minutes that are just like watching a movie.

Rev. Mary Alderson is an ordained Minister with The Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth. As an intuitive/medium who receives messages directly from spirit, whether a loved one, spirit guide or ascended being. These messages often facilitate forgiveness or closure, relieve guilt, impart knowledge and bring reassurance to you. The message is not necessary from whom you wish to hear but it is from whomever has the message that you need to hear at the time of this reading. 

Rev. Mary began her journey with Spiritualism and opening her spirit gifts by sitting in development classes with Rev. Helen Noseworthy followed by Re3v. Sandy Greer, Rev. Diana Szydelko, Catherine Macdonald, Dawn Edwards, Rev. Susan Dinsmore and Rev. Florence Edwards. 

She has taken many workshops regarding the channeling of healing: Reiki Level 1 with Barbara Brown from B.C. and with Rev. Andrew Bray as well as his Energy Awaken course and Therapeutic Touch 1,2 &3 and the spiritual healing class with Rev. Helen Noseworthy. 

Rev. Mary is an accomplished lecturer and sacred solos and serves at many different Spiritualist Churches.



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