Sunday Service

Sunday services are held from 7 to 8:30pm.


We are located at:

550 Fennell Ave E, Suite 202, Hamilton, ON L8V 4S9


1 – From points on the Mountain – travel to Upper James St and turn East onto Fennell Ave.  We are located in the plaza at the corner of Fennell Ave and Upper Wentworth.  Use the farthest entrance off of Fennell Ave where Popeyes Chicken is. Parking and entrance door are at the rear of the plaza behind Popeyes Chicken.

2 – From downtown – travel to Wellington Ave and turn south onto Wellington and veer left at the fork in the road, this now turns into the Claremont Access which will turn into Upper James St at the top. Drive along Upper James St until you reach Fennell Ave and turn left onto Fennell.  Continue along until you reach Upper Wentworth.  We are located in the plaza at the corner of Fennell and Upper Wentworth.  Use the farthest entrance beside Popeyes Chicken off of Fennell.  Parking and the entrance door are at the rear of the plaza behind Popeyes Chicken.


We begin our service  with opening prayer and then we have a ‘meet and greet’ at which time we are able to mingle and introduce ourselves to visitors and reconnect with friends old and new.  After this we sing the opening hymn and  perform the candle lighting ceremony. We recite the principles of Spiritualism and the Healing Affirmation together in preparation for the Healing Service.


The Healing Service is provided by certified healers with Guiding Star Church and everyone who is interested in receiving a healing, either for themselves or for another, is invited to join the healers in the parlour to sit on the chairs provided and receive God’s healing energy. Soft music is played during this time and everyone is invited to use this time for meditation or quiet reflection.


There is then a talk from our guest speaker who chooses their own topic. These topics can range from personal experience, inspirational ideas and lessons to channeled information from Spirit Guides.


The Message Service is provided by either the guest speaker or a Medium with Guiding Star Church. Members of the congregation will get short positive messages to help empower and encourage them. Due to time restrictions not all people present will receive messages.


We then adjourn for closing prayer, song, refreshments and fellowship.

On the last Sunday of the month we have a ‘Mediumship Open Circle’. This is an opportunity for the members of the congregation to take part in the Message Portion of our service. At this time those in the congregation who desire to share messages they have received from the Spirit realm do so for others in the congregation.   


Special services are conducted by Rev. Tammy Fletcher for the New Year, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Everyone is welcome to join us. Please come out and experience the energy!  We are a progressive spiritual community!


All donations are gratefully received and a receipt will be issued upon request. Donations may be made on our PAYMENT page through PAYPAL.

Thanking you for your generous donations that support Guiding Star Church.


July 2020