Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for those who are exploring their spiritual abilities and developing their Oneness with God


AUGUST 2020 

On-line Services are held from 2 – 3:15 pm

In-person Services are held from 7 – 8:30 pm



August 2 ………. Rev. Rosemary Lee

August 9 …….. Rev. Tammy Fletcher

August 16 ………… Rev. Sandy Greer

 August 23 …………. Elaine Hutchinson

August 30…………… Rev. Robyn Kent


August 16 …………… Rev. Robyn Kent

August 23 …………. Rev. Sandy Greer

August 30 …….. Rev. Tammy Fletcher



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Welcome Back !

We are very pleased to announce that as of Sunday August 16 we will be returning to our in-person service (7:00-8:30pm).

We will still continue with our 2:00 pm Sunday on-line service.

Sunday Service will be a bit different:

  1. The door of the church will be open half an hour before service begins. This will allow time for those attending to enter in a safe fashion.
  2. Seating will be limited and social distanced
  3. The healing portion of our service will consist of a healing meditation.
  4. We will have a speaker for the evening, with mediumship 
  5. At this time, Fellowship has been suspended.
  6. The church will be disinfected after each service.

Please read all the following Covid-19 Regulations and Guidelines before attending:

  • Seating capacity will be limited at this time to maintain physical distancing
  • You will need to pre-register your attendance for each service. Registration for Sunday Evening Service must be received by 10:00 am, on the day of service. (Please include the # of people in your household that will be attending)
  • PLEASE STAY HOME! If you, or a family member are, or have been recently unwell or exhibit any of the following symptoms:

-Fever (temperature of 37.8pastedGraphic.png  or greater)

-New or worsening cough

-Runny nose

-Sore Throat

-Have been diagnosed with Covid-19, or been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed.

Face masks or coverings are mandatory in Hamilton as of Monday, July 20th, 2020, in accordance with Hamilton By-law 20-155. (unless exempt)

Exceptions include people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, or children under the age of 2, of those who require accommodation in accordance with the Human Rights Code. Proof of exemption is not required.

*Please be respectful of those who cannot wear a mask.

  • Please bring your own mask, the church will provide masks upon request (when available.)
  • When entering, attending and exiting the church, please maintain 2 metre physical distancing at all times.
  • Hand sanitizing stations at the entrance.
  • When entering the church space please sanitize your hands and continue to your designated chair only. Families of the same household may sit together.
  • No food shall be brought into the church.
  • If you are bringing a refreshment, please bring it in a secure container. Eg: travel cup with a secure lid.

It’s been so long since we have been able to be together and we hope you are all doing well. We have been meeting in small group since the beginning of June. We have made some changes and are now ready to move to a wider audience and so we invite you to join us on Sunday afternoons at 2pm. If you would like to join us please send your email address to gscevents@hotmail.ca and we will send you the Skype link to get into the service or you can go to the website – to Sunday service and can join the conversation from there, if you don’t have a Skype account you can still join us as a guest. We are certainly enjoying seeing everyone and being able to provide the services and we thank everyone who comes on-line to serve as Speakers and Mediums.

We look forward to celebrating service with you.

Peace and Blessings to you all

The ministers and board of Guiding Star Church



All payments MUST be received before you will receive the link to the class or event. Please make sure you register as spaces are limited for some events and classes.


YANTRAS & ANGELS Workshop with Ron Devine; Monday August 18; 1-3pm; Cost $20.00

 Yantras are a divinely inspired set of shapes and colours, that are meant to reach our soul. The eyes provide a 2-way path between the outer self and the higher dimensions of the inner self. Divine vision can be stimulated through these Yantras, which are given to us. These Yantra shapes will help us increase our vibration into Love, which is all there is. Archangel Raphael will assist us in our vision quest.


EVENING WITH SPIRIT – Saturday, August 22; from 7-9 pm; Cost $20

Join us for an intimate evening with spirit. Rev. Sandy Greer and Rev. Mary Alderson will bring messages of inspiration, hope and healing. 


LESSONS FROM ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – On-Line:  Thursday, August 27; 1-3 pm; Cost $20.00

Archangel Gabriel communicated through Rev. Penny Donovan from 1987 to 1999 to teach us many things about life and God. 

Join Rev Sandy to learn what Gabriel had to say about #1 Divine Inspiration -Learn how the pure vibrations from our spirit selves enter our higher mental body as divine inspiration and more. Gabriel gives us valuable insights on how we can recognize these higher vibrations and stay in tune with them.

#2 Real Courage -Do you have the courage it takes to live from the Lord God of your Being? Gabriel tells us how to do this and how we have let our egos imprison us with fear. Learn how to go beyond these fears and what real courage is. Taken from the LESSONS IN TRUTH.


A COURSE OF LOVE with Ron Devine; WEDNESDAYS FROM 1 – 2 PM; $free

The book “A Course of Love “is directly inspired from the spirit that was Jesus. It is a personal dialogue that helps us discover more of the truth about ourselves and our relationship with God and His children, our brothers and sisters.  We will seek the guidance of the Christ in this study of “Love”. We may thus be inspired to understand and express more of Divine Love with ourselves. Our activity will include reading and discussion of “a Course of Love”. There may also be a short meditation that will help us reach to God. Each chapter can be read by itself, but there are related concepts.  Thus, attend when convenient for you.



Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and the cost is $15.00. Remember to renew your membership.


Birthday Greetings:   August: Patricia Oliver & Gloria Tong




We have received an opportunity from McPhail Auto that is outlined below. Please consider calling them for your next auto repair or service appointment and help them give back to our church community.

“I have been taking my vehicles to McPhail’s for many years now and find they are honest, hard-working people who look after any situation quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Scott and his team for the great work they do.”Rev. Sandy

Please NOTE: McPhail’s has moved to 2117 King St E, Hamilton.





                WE BELIEVE IN:

  1.            The Fatherhood of God
  2.            The Brotherhood of Man
  3.            The immortality of the Soul and its personal characteristics
  4.            Communion between departed human spirits and mortals
  5.            Personal Responsibility
  6.            Compensation and retribution for all good and evil deeds done here
  7.            A path of eternal progress open to every soul.


  Head Ministers:

Rev. Tammy Fletcher, Office & Event Administrating

Associate  Ministers:

Rev. Ina Edwards

Rev. Robyn Kent, Board Treasurer and Secretary

Rev. Andrew Bray

Rev. Sandy Greer

Guiding Star Church

550 Fennell Ave E, Suite 202

Hamilton, ON  L8V 4S9

Tel: 905-297-2530


Email:  gscevents@hotmail.ca

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September 2020