GUIDING STAR CHURCH is an independent Spiritualist church that was in existence for many years before it was incorporated with the Province of Ontario in 1983 under the name of Temple of the Guiding Star.

In 2008 the name was changed to reflect the change of direction and energy of spiritualism in general and the church specifically. We are a progressive spiritualist community and come together for church services each Sunday evening at 7pm to worship, pray, provide spiritual healing and mediumship messages from your loved ones who have passed over, your spirit guides and teachers. We also participate in many classes, workshops and events for everyone who is interested in furthering their personal development and spiritual growth.

The church was founded by Rev. Sheldon Finlay and opened as a gathering place for like-minded people on November 14, 1979. The meetings were held at the Y.W.C.A. on McNab St S in Hamilton, ON.

This church has gone through many changes and locations throughout the years.

  • 1983
    • July 10th – the church became a branch of the United Christian Spiritualist Church of Ontario  (U.C.S.C.O.)
    •  November 14 – Received Letters Patent from the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, Ontario, Canada.
  • 1989
    • Moved from the ‘Y’ to 211 Locke Street South, Hamilton, ON and became known as ‘the Locke Street Church’ to many people.
    • April -Received status from Revenue Canada as a Charitable Organization
  • 1995 – 1998
    •  Temple of the Guiding Star was the only remaining church (out of 5 original member/branch churches) associated with the U.C.S.C.O. and as a result the parent organization was disbanded.
    • The church moved to 21 Rosedene Ave., Hamilton, ON
  • 2008
    • August 12 – Name Change: The Letters Patent were amended by the Government of Ontario, changing the church name to Guiding Star Church
    • The church moved to 40 Empress Ave., Hamilton, ON
  •  2009
    • The Board of Directors of Guiding Star Church ordained its first minister, Rev.Sandy Greer on November 29.
  • 2010
    • Rev. Sandy Greer ordained four new ministers for Guiding Star Church: Rev. Andrew Bray, Rev. Ina Edwards, Rev. Tammy Fletcher and Rev. Robyn Kent on October 16.
  • 2017
    • Rev. Sandy Greer retired as Head Minister on June 25
    • Rev. Tammy Fletcher took over the position of Head Minister on July 1st
    • The church moved to 550 Fennell Ave E, unit 202 on July 1 and opened for the first service in our new location on July 9

We are sure that there are people in the Spiritualist Community who know more about the beginnings of Temple of the Guiding Star and we would like to hear from you so we can update our information.


September 2022