Sunday Service

Sunday services are held on Zoom from 2 to 3:30pm.


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We hope you are enjoying our on-line Guiding Star Church services each Sunday. We are certainly enjoying see everyone and being able to provide the services and we thank everyone who comes on-line to serve as Speakers and Mediums.


Here is our “Zoom Protocol” information as well as hints and tips. We hope this will help you navigate the Zoom screen.

We have noticed over the past few weeks that there are some things we can improve upon so that our time together runs a little more smoothly, so here are some tips for all of us:

Please note that when you sign into the Zoom format you will see a notice that tells you to wait until the ‘Host’ connects you to the group.

    1. Sign in between 1:35 and 1:55pm – this is social time for you and ‘set up’ time for everything that is going on behind the scenes.
    2. Turn your microphone off at 2pm so the chairperson can start church right on time.
    3. Turn your camera on or off at your discretion. If you need to tend to something in your area please turn your camera off to keep distractions to a minimum.
    4. During mediumship – when the medium comes to you for a message and asks if you would accept it you have two options: 1 – turn your microphone on and reply, or 2 – use the ‘React’ button for a ‘thumbs up’ icon to accept the message. Some mediums would like to hear your voice to make the connection with you, but the choice is up to you. Please remember this is not a question and answer time for the messages.
    5. Turn your microphone off after the message. Background sounds are very distracting to the medium as they go to another person.

Below are two pictures – one of the top of your Zoom screen and what the icons mean, the other is the bottom of your Zoom screen and what those icons mean. We hope these are helpful to you and make your Zoom experience easier for you.

At the top of your screen there is a black bar that shows – from left to right:

1 The screen share title and your viewing options.

2 Your picture or your name, depending on whether your camera is on or off.

3 The ‘host’s name’ Guiding Star Church or Rev. Tammy

4 The little square at the top right hand corner is for the size of the pictures of the people you see.

5 The far right square is for enlarging the picture to full screen viewing.

At the bottom of your screen there is another black bar.From left to right are:

1 – the microphone – turn sound on and off

2 – the camera – turn camera on and off

3 – the number of people in the group

4 – the chat icon – to send a comment to someone (everyone sees this)

5 – the screen share icon – you do not need to use this.

6 – the record icon – for the host to use.

7 – the ‘reaction’ icon if you want to sent an emoji

8 – the ‘Leave’ icon. When you want to leave the group press this icon and another red icon will appear above it that confirms you want to leave the group. Press the second icon to leave the session.

If you have any questions or want to try these icons for yourself please join us early on Sunday and you can try them. 

Remember all you need do is click on each one and you will see what it does and how easy it is to use them.

We ask that you follow the instructions on the first page so we can all enjoy our time together in worship.


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Thanking you for your generous donations that support Guiding Star Church.


September 2022